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Takeshima/Dokdo---Watnabe document

Consideration on Matsushima (松島).

昔者竹島ノ記事略説多クシテ松島ノ事説論スル者ナシ 而テ今者人松嶋ニ喋々ス 然り而テ此二嶋或ハ一島両名或ハ二嶋也ト諸説紛々朝野其是非ヲ決スル者ヲ聞カス 彼竹島ナル者ハ朝鮮ノ蔚
陵島トシ幕府倫安ノ議遂ニ彼ニ委ス 故ニ此所謂松嶋ナル者竹嶋ナレハ彼ニ属シ若竹島以外ニ在ル松島ナレハ 我ニ属セサルヲ得サルモ之ヲ決論スル者無シ

There had been lots of articles and general views about Takeshima (竹島) but there had been no articles about Matsushima (松島), nowadays people are talking about Matsushima (松嶋) and there are various views such as, the name is for one or two islands or (two names for) two islands, and no one is able to decide. That island called Takeshima (竹島) belongs to him (Korea) because the shogunate admitted it as the Ulleundo of Chosun. So the island called Matsushima (松嶋) belongs to him (Korea) if it is Takeshima (竹嶋), but it can’t help beloning to us (Japan) if it is Matsushima (松島) being outside of Wakatakeshima (若竹島), but nobody can decide this.

長崎ヨリ浦潮港ニ至リ馬関其他石州因州伯州壱岐ヨリ彼要地タル 「ラサレフ」港ヘノ道ニ当タルヲ以テ頗ル要地ト為シ連綿此近傍ニ英魯其船艦ヲ出没ス

By the way, the island called Matsushima (松嶋) is located at the center of our country and Chosun. It is on the route from Nagasaki through Urashio harbor, Bakan (Shimonoseki), and other areas such as Sekishu (west of Shimane), Inshu (east of Tottori), Hakushu (middle/west of Tottori), Iki and the important place “Rasarefu” harbor, so this is the critical location with English or Russian or other countries’ ships frequently seen around.

若シ夫我国ノ部分ナランニハ之ニ多少ノ注意無ル可ラス 彼国ナラン歟又保護ヲ加ヘサル可ラス 況ンヤ他国我ニ糺ス 之ニ答フルニ決辞ナキヲ如何セン 然ラハ則無主ノ一島ノミ

If it is a part of our country, we should be very careful. (*A word 歟 is not understandable with modern dictionaries, so I omitted the first sentence here…. The last part of the sentence reads “We can’t help protecting”). When other countries asked us how should we do in answering if there is no decision then we should say it is an island without owners.

諸書ニ就テ案スルニ竹嶋洋名アルゴナウト嶋ナル者ハ 全ク烏有ノ者ニシテ其竹島デラセ嶋ナル者ハ本来ノ竹嶋即チ?陵島ニシテ我松
嶋ナル者ハ洋名ホルネットロックスナルカ如シ 然ルヲ洋客竹嶋ヲ認テ松嶋ト為シ更ニ竹嶋ナル者ヲ想起セシ者ノ如シ而テ此ホルネットロックスノ 我国ニ属スルハ各国ノ地図皆然リ

Considering various descriptions, Takeshima (竹嶋)’s western name Algonauto island came to nothing and Takeshima-deraseshima (竹島デラセ嶋) should be the original Takeshima (竹嶋) that is Ulleundo. Our Matsushima (松嶋) seems to be the island with a western name of “Horunetto Rocks (Hornet Rocks?)”, while European people take Takeshima (竹嶋) as Matsushima (松嶋) or it’s like an imagination of Takeshima (竹嶋). (*I can’t understand what this sentence means.) Then, all other countries’ maps exactly depict that these Horunetto Rocks belong to our country.

他ノ二嶋ニ至リテハ各国其認ムル所ヲ同フセス 我国論又確拠無シ 是実ニ其地ノ形勢ヲ察シ其所属ノ地ヲ定メ而テ其責ニ任スル所ヲ両国間ニ定メサル可ラサル者タリ

As to the other two islands, the confirmation point is not the same among countries. Our country’s policy is not yet decided on certain evidences. It needs topographical inspection and should be decided with two countries who should own them and who should be responsible for them.

因テ先ツ嶋根県ニ照会シ其従来ノ習例ヲ糺シ併セテ船艦ヲ派シテ其地勢ヲ見若シ彼既ニ著手セハ 其宰政ノ模様ヲ実査シ然ル後ニ其方略ヲ定メント要ス 請フ速ニ採リテ議スル者アラン事ヲ伏望ス

Then we need to ask Shimane prefecture about what they used to do with these islands before and at the same time we should dispatch a ship to inspect the topography. If they (Koreans?) already got started, we need to know their policy and after that we should decide what we do. Please vote and decide as soon as possible.
                     渡辺洪基立案 印
Drafted by Watanabe KoukiPacifist at occidentalism

Page 3:
彼国ナラン歟又保護ヲ加ヘサル可ラス 況ンヤ他国我ニ糺ス 之ニ答フルニ決辞ナキヲ如何セン 然ラハ則無主ノ一島ノミ

歟とは読みは「よ」、意味は①か、 疑問のの意②語気をゆるめる助辞③や/①asking a quesion②relax the stress of the word/sentence③

糺すEnglishDoes the islet belong to Korea? or should we not protect it?;still more,what will you do without resolution/agreement, if some other countries inquire into itーーーーin that case in this situation(然からば即ち) all you can say is to answer it is an ownerless islet.ponta at occidentalism

諸書ニ就テ案スルニ竹嶋洋名「アルゴナウト」嶋ナル者ハ 全ク烏有ノ者ニシテ其竹島「デラセ」嶋ナル者ハ本来ノ竹嶋即チ?陵島ニシテ我松
嶋ナル者ハ洋名「ホルネットロックス」ナルカ如シ 然ルヲ洋客竹嶋ヲ認テ松嶋ト為シ更ニ竹嶋ナル者ヲ想起セシ者ノ如シ而テ此「ホルネットロックス」ノ 我国ニ属スルハ各国ノ地図皆然リ
他ノ二嶋ニ至リテハ各国其認ムル所ヲ同フセス 我国論又確拠無シ 是実ニ其地ノ形勢ヲ察シ其所属ノ地ヲ定メ而テ其責ニ任スル所ヲ両国間ニ定メサル可ラサル者タリ
因テ先ツ嶋根県ニ照会シ其従来ノ習例ヲ糺シ併セテ船艦ヲ派シテ其地勢ヲ見若シ彼既ニ著手セハ 其宰政ノ模様ヲ実査シ然ル後ニ其方略ヲ定メント要ス 請フ速ニ採リテ議スル者アラン事ヲ伏望ス

Examining several books,it is most likely that
a)so- called Takeshima, Argonaut in western name, does not exist and that
b)Takeshima,Dagelet is the original Takeshima,Ulleungdo,and that
c)Our Matsushima is Honet rocks .
(So called takeshima=Argonaut=φーーーTakeshima=,Dagelet= the original Takeshima=,UlleungdoーーーーーMatsushima = Honet rocks)
Though such is a case, it seems Westeners imagined,and createt so called Takeshima,mistaking Takeshima for Matushima..
(so-called TakeshimaーーーMatsushima=Takeshma(=Ulleungdo))
However (they interpret these two islands), the maps of every country confirm that Hornet belongs to Japan.
Yet there is no consensus concerning the other two islands among the countries.Japan is no exception.
(other two island =Argonaut+Dagelet)We need to investigate the reality of these islands:georgrapy,the owner,……
,,,,,,,ponta at occidentalism

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