Thursday, July 20, 2006

1948 document(u)

Ⅱ Transferring the island “Tsuhima” to Korea

In the local reconstruction of after the great world war Ⅰ(Ⅱ?–ponta),Tsushima should be transfered to Korea.
a Geographycally the localzaition of Tsushima is rather nearer to Korea. than Japan…….
b Historically the name Tsushima was originated from Korean name “Toosam”, meaning two island…..and the growing civilization of Tsushima are due to almostly due to Korean old civilization, and … is well indicated that the recent civilization was made by the hand of Japanese of korean origin….
c Politically … long as Japan govern Tsushima freely and legally, Japan will have the chance and the power to agress into the orient.Of course this is a great menace to Korean and the orient.
d,Economically,Tsushima had poor soil to agriculture that the independent supporting was never obtained.This results from that the island was under the supervison of Japan.

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