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I have a found an interesting news on Chosun libo, so I looked for English version,but I couldn't find it so here is my poor translation.
At the end of Anti-Japan-ism----the isolation of Korea

I got an email from a certain Japanese professor the other day. .....In it he said they would have a forum next August,the particicipants would be the group of which he was a member and Chinese elites who major in Amreican study......Abe and Shiozaki will also participate.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Abe, known as hawkish in Korea,is a front-runner of the prime minister and Senior Vice Minister Shiozaki is a member of "the NAIS which is in agreement with Abe in opinion.Two influencial politicians who are not supposed to be so friendly toward China will be having non-governmental diplomacy with China.
 The professor wrote that he was worried.It does not mean he is worried about Chinese people rejecting to meet Abe.Japan and Chia are in the stage of reconciliation behind the scene....while Korea is still in the muddle of confliction.
..... he is worried about Korea's isolation朝鮮日報: 2006/07/21

And here is another news which is not available in English.

An Ameriacan official said on 19th,"Korea was excluded from the talk about UN decision, she asked for it.This officail also insisted, "USA had been looking for the way Korea,USA,and Japan can corrporate together long before North Korea launched the missiles,but Korea refused to talk with Japan, that is why Korea-USA-Japan talks was not possible".This official also said,"Korea had not complained for the exclusion until this time,and Japanese Prime Minister visiting Yakusni is differnt issue from diplomacy, but Korea rejected talks because of that, Korea was excluded completerl from international decisioni making.....The sanctoin by UN will not affect the South economic support for North Korea,but the use of the fund
should be inspected...... 朝鮮日報 2006/07/

On the other hand,I have found the English version of the new about Kaesong.

Seoul Pushes Ahead With Kaesong Financing Plans

Seoul is to boost support for companies operating in the joint-Korean Kaesong Industrial Complex, despite suspicions from Washington that funds going into the North Korean border town were used to help Pyongyang develop missiles.July.21,2006 20Chosun libo

I looked at Korean version but it seems the two article above is not available.(but I am not sure)
See also
USA should pruchase products from kaesan
I wonder if there is some specific reason.

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 一方、マンスフィールド財団のゴードン・フレーク研究所長は記者に対し、「韓国は韓米日3カ国による協議は行わないとの立場を崩しておらず、米国側の関係者に会うたびに日本を非難しているが、米国政府内では韓国と日本を同じ官僚が担当しており、韓国がいくら日本を非難しても、米国は今後も日本との同盟を前面に打ち出し、北朝鮮を圧迫していくだろう」と語った。 2006/07/21朝鮮日報

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