Friday, July 28, 2006

South Korea

Teachers' Union Headed Over the Cliff

The Busan Chapter of the Korea Teachers and Educational Workers Union excerpted a North Korean history textbook verbatim for a booklet used in a seminar for members in October last year. The textbook glorifies Kim Il-sung's anti-Japanese activities, describes the Korean War as the North’s struggle to liberate the fatherland, and praises Kim Jong-il's Songun or military-first policy. It is replete with flourishes like, "The hero Gen. Kim Il-sung, revered and fervently awaited by his Korean brethren, emerged in a commanding manner," and "The people of North Korea are the happy few at last liberated from taxation for the first time in the world." The Busan chapter of the teachers' union, as it happens, also incited controversy with anti-globalization video teaching materials for the APEC summit last November that lampooned attending heads of state.chosun liebo

They stated in the declaration, 밡orth Korea뭩 possession of nuclear weapons and recent missile tests are yet another reminder of how futile the Sunshine Policy is. There is a need for a review of the North Korean policy, including South-North dialogue, economic cooperation and responses to Pyongyang뭩 human rights issues.�

The statement was followed by the demand for the abolition of the Sunshine Policy, a policy preserved since the Kim Dae-jung administration, and the 밣eace and Prosperity Policy.�Instead, the declaration urged the government to apply more pressure on the North through international cooperation.

The statement continued to point out, 밒t is the South Korean government that invited isolation from the international community by reaching unreasonable conclusions on Pyongyang. The South Korean government blindly offered carrots despite North Korea뭩 refusal to change. The South Korean government should enhance international cooperation so that other nations such as the U.S. and Japan can understand the South Korea뭩 position.�donga


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