Saturday, July 22, 2006

South and North Korea

During inter-Korean talks held July 13 in Busan, the North Korean delegation told unification minister Lee Jong-seok that authorities in North Korea "will have no choice but to feed the people with military rations" if the South does not give it rice aid, an unnamed government source said Friday

"If the South doesn’t give us rice, we'll have no choice but to use them to feed the starving people," he was quoted as saying. He is also said to have said it is the South’s fault that the North Korean people are "starving."

"We never said we weren’t going to provide rice aid, we said we would stop discussions about aid until the North has changed its attitude about [its missile program] and the six-party talks," said another key government figure. "If it is so desperate about food, it should give up its hard-line approach to the outside world and return to the six-party talks." Jul.22,2006 Hankyoreh


◆U.S. may sanction countries not complying on N. Korea resolution
The United States is considering the option of imposing sanctions under its own laws on countries that fail to comply with a U.N. Security Council resolution against North Korea, a senior U.S. administration official said Friday

The official said the United States also wants to step up international cooperation to cut off funds and interdict WMD-related transfers, including enhancing inspections of North Korean vessels
As Washington considers the resolution as a binding action by the U.N. Security Council, the envisioned measures would create an international network effectively authorized by the United Nations to contain North Korea's WMD development.
But the resolution does not require member states to impose sanctions, and uncertainties remain over whether such key players such as China and South Korea would actively get involved in the U.S. initiatives.WASHINGTON, July 21 KYODO


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