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Takeshima/Dokdo---1894 document 朝鮮水路誌

page 1


The country of Chosun is located at the east of Asia…..its location is
from lat. 33 degrees N 15 minutes to 42 degrees N 25 minutes
from long. 124 degrees E 30 to 130 degrees E 35 minutes minutes

page 256





Linocourt rocks.
These Rocks were first discovered by French ship “Linocourt”…..
The location of the Rocks is
Lat. 37 degrees N 14 minutes
Long. 131 degrees E 55 minutesponta at occidentalism


the Chosun Waterway (朝鮮水路誌) published in 1894 included a description on the Liancourt Rocks and so it must be a proof that Japan recognized it as Korean territory.” On page 255, the book gives the coordinates for the Liancourt Rocks as N37º14’ E131º55’. However, the book states on page 1 in Part 1 “Overview” that the eastern limit of Chosun territory is E130º35’, and even appends a map in the opening which terminates at E130º50’.

The image of Chosun Waterway (朝鮮水路誌; in Japanese) can be obtained at the Modern Digital Library of the Japanese Diet Library.
Copy and paste朝鮮水路誌 into the search box, and click on the red 本文をみる button.
The relevant images are image #11/192 for the map, #27 (page 1 in original numbering) for the Overview, #157-158 (pp 255-256) for the Liancourt Rocks and #158 (pp. 256-257) for Ulleungdo.two cent at occidentalism

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Anonymous said...

E130º35’as the eastern limit of Chosun territory doesn't include even Ulleongdo which is definitely Korean land. In other words, the longitude of 朝鮮水路誌 as Korean eastern limit is simply wrong.