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Takeshima/Dokdo ---1692 document

Feb 11 The ship of Murakami sailed from Maigo and docked at Saigou(西郷)of Oki island.
March 24 Waiting for the wind calmdown, the ship starts sailing from Fukuura toward Ulleungdo.
March 26 at about 8 o’clock, the ship being docked at Igashima伊賀島(Islet near the Ulleungdo竹嶼),looking over toward the island, the island seems to be unusual;a lot of abalones were dried and it seemed somebody were fishing.
Fishermen of Murakami discussed what to do, but came to no coclusision, so next day they decided to land the island anyway.
March 27 Rowing the ship toward Hamadaura(浜田浦・道洞), they saw two foreign ships.One ship with about 30 crews passed by them, 15 to 16 meter off. the Murakami’s ship and went toward OOsakaura(大坂浦/苧洞.Looking at the beach, the small ship with two foreign men was about to pass by them,so they asked the two men to come over to their ship.One of them could speak Japanese so asked where he came from.He told he came from Chosun.So they told him not to come again because this was Japanese island .Then he told them his men did not intend to fish abalone at this island but they used to fish abalone,by king’s order, at another island north of this island,once in three years;however,this year they were drifted to this island due to the bad weather.The fishermen of Murakami told him that Japanese had been fishing abalone from long time ago and told them to go away.But he did not seem to go away.So they landed the island,Then they found the fishing implements and small ships they left last autumn at the hut were missing..So they asked what happened and the fishemen told that their men were using them:Chosun fishermen were using the fishing implements without consent.
The fishermen of Murakami, judging that it might cause conflicts if they kept staying at Ulleungodo, decide to retrun,bringing back some abalonesof skewering Chosun fishermen made, an traditional umbrella,a hood,malted rice(?) as the evidence of the invasion. And on April 1st, they returned to Hamadaura of Seki石州.
They reported what happened out there to the local government, the local government,judging the incident might cause serious issue, reported to the central government.But since this time since nothing substancially serious between Chosun and Japan happened, imaging that Chosun people left as soon as they fixed their ship, the central government judged that it was not an inssue to be taken seriously.ponta at occidentalism


三月二廿四日に隠岐国より出舟仕 同廿六日之朝、五つ時に竹嶋之内いか嶋と申所へ着舟仕 様子見申候 得者鮑大分取上け申様に 相見へ不審に奉存

同廿七日之朝 浜田浦へ参申内に 唐船弐艘相見へ申候 
内壱艘はすへ舟壱艘ハうき舟にて居申候 唐人三拾人斗見へ申候 
其内弐人残し置 残り之者とも右之うき舟に乗り 此方之船より八九間程沖を通り 大阪浦と申所へ廻り申候 右之弐人残り申 
内壱人は通しニテ 弐人共ニともども船に乗り 此方之舟へ参申候故乗せ申候 
而何国之者と相尋申候へ ちやうせんかわてん国村之者と申候故 
此嶋之儀公方様より拝領仕 毎年渡海いたし候 嶋にて候所に 何とて参候やと尋候へは
此嶋より北に当り嶋有之三年に一度宛国主之用にて 鮑取に参候
国元は二月廿一日に類舟十一艘出舟いたし 難風に逢五艘に以上五拾三人乗し此嶋へ三月廿三日に漂着、
此嶋之様子見申候へは 鮑有之候間 致逗留 鮑取上けしと申候
左候は丶此嶋を早々に罷立候様にと申候へ 共舟も少損じ候故 造作仕調次第に出舟可仕候間 私共船をすへ候様にと申に付 岡へ上り兼て拵置候 諸道具改見申へは舟八艘 其外諸道具見へ不申候付 通辞へ此由尋候へは 浦々へ廻し遣し候と申候
先此方之舟すへ候へと申候へ共唐人は大勢此方は纔に 弐十一人にて御座候に付 無心元奉存、
竹嶋より三月廿七日之七つ時分より 出舟仕申候
然共何にても印無之御座候では如何と奉存 唐人の拵置候 串鮑少々笠壱つ網頭巾壱つかうじ壱つ取致出舟

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