Friday, July 21, 2006

Japan/A criminal

The notebook suggests that Emperor Showa made the remarks in April 1988. "Class-A war criminals have been enshrined. Even Matsuoka and Shiratori (have been enshrined). I've heard that Tsukuba dealt cautiously with the matter, but ..." part of the note reads.

"I wonder what the current chief priest, who is the son of Matsudaira, thinks about it. I think Matsudaira (senior) had a strong belief in peace," the note says. "That's why I haven't paid a visit to the shrine since then. That's my belief."

Matsuoka and Shiratori are believed to refer to former Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka and former Ambassador to Italy Toshio Shiratori, both Class-A war criminals. Both of them died in jail.

Tsukuba apparently refers to the late Fujimaro Tsukuba, former chief priest of Yasukuni Shrine who decided not to enshrine Class-A war criminals. Matsudaira and his son are apparently former Imperial Household Minister Yoshitami Matsudaira and former Yasukuni Shrine chief priest Nagayoshi Matsudaira, who enshrined the Class-A war criminals. Both are now deceased.

A member of Tomita's bereaved family said he often talked with Emperor Showa at the Imperial Palace while he was head of the Imperial Household Agency and took note of their conversations. The family member added that Tomita told his family about the remarks that Emperor Showa made about the enshrinement of Class-A war criminals at Yasukuni ShrineJuly 20, 2006 mainichi


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