Monday, July 17, 2006

Japan/North Korea

Now, a full six decades later, the possibility of the re-use of nuclear bombs has risen. And Japan has become the likely target. Again. Although the North Koreans are believed to be eyeing an attack on South Korea with its one-million strong army, the likelihood that nuclear weapons will be used is discounted. Fallout from a nuclear attack on South Korea will affect the North as well, but this is not the case in an attack on Japan.

Thus, Japan is right to fear some type of action from North Korea. To do nothing would be foolhardy, seeing as the leadership of North Korea is not exactly known for their rationality.

Every country has the right to defend itself against external aggression. Like it or not, North Korea is threatening Japan.

World War II seems so long ago to us now. Majority of Americans, Filipino Americans and Filipinos have no memory of that monumental war, save for what they read in history books and watched in TV documentaries.

Yes, Japan was the enemy then, but the world has changed much since that time. Japan and the U.S. are the strongest of allies now, just as the U.S. and the Philippines and Japan and the Philippines have extremely close ties. South Korea is also a member of that orbit. It is the dangerous and unpredictable North Korea which is the odd man out, the non-member of the fraternity of nations who share most friendly economic and cultural ties.

For now, what Japan has to defend as part of its territorial integrity is its 240,000-strong Self Defense Forces, or less than one-fourth the capability of North Korea. It will need not just the moral support of its friends and allies if the North Koreans prove their detractors right and launch a military action against their perceived enemies.

Words must be backed by muscle. It is the only language war-mongers like the North Korean leadership understands. New America Media


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