Sunday, July 09, 2006


SKorea accuses Japan of raising tension on Korean peninsula
'There is no reason to fuss over this from the break of dawn like Japan, but every reason to do the opposite,' said a statement from the office of President Roh Moo-Hyun's spokesman.

'There is nothing good in heightening tensions on the Korean peninsula and worsening inter-Korean relations. This will not help at all to settle the nuclear issue or the missile issue,' it said.

'It is the president's view not to raise a shrill voice but to respond calmly,' it said.

'The possible launch of a Taepodong missile had been widely publicized in advance. It was aimed at nobody and did not lead to a state of emergency in either our country or other countries.'

'We believe we should not make people feel unstable by fussing over this. That's why we did not raise a shrill voice and responded slowly,07.09.2006

これに対しては foreign dispatches 様が痛烈な論評をされております。
The Madness of President RohForeign Dispatches


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