Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Takeshima/Dokdo---1667 document

Oki, which was once called Okinoshima, is in the middle of the North Sea. From here (Oki), thirty-five ri to the south, is 美穂関 in 雲州 (a place in the eastern part of the Shimane Prefecture). Forty ri to the southeast is 赤碕浦 in 伯州 (a place in the western part of Tottori Prefecture). Fifty-eight ri to the southwest is 温泉津 in 石州. There is no land from the north to the east. Two days to the northwest is Matsushima (Dokdo/Takeshima), and one day farther is Takeshima (Ulleungdo), often called Isotakeshima, which has an abundance of bamboo, fish, and sea lions. These two islands are uninhabited. Koryo can be seen from here, similar to how Shimane can be seen from Oki Island. Therefore, Japan’s northwest boundary is from this island (Ulleungdo).

然則日本之乾地、以此州為限矣Gerry at occidentalism

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