Sunday, July 30, 2006

S Korea/Presindent Roh/anti-ameriacanism

Roh's collection of sayings

"What is wrong with anti-Ameriacanism?what is dismerit?there was no s pecialist who could answer my question.""the little brother always hold the big brother's bag,but one day,the little brother said to the big brother,"hold your owon bag since it is yours",the big brother was surprised but looking at the little brother in the face ,he hold his own bag without complaining.It is just that everyone thought anti-Amricanism do more harm than good.

You have to pay what you should pay to USA but you should not pay easily,you have to inflict pain in USA when you pay it

What is more
The blue house declared the policiy to reject coverage cooperation with Chosun liebo and Yonhan daily.saying that they crossed the line in their expression of criticism againt the geovenment

「反米ではいけない理由とは何ですか? どんな不利益があるのですか?」と尋ねた。会談した後は側近たちに向かって、「わたしの疑問にきちんと答えられた専門家は1人もいなかった」と話した。そして、こう言ったという。「弟はいつも兄のカバン持ちをしていた。ところがある日、弟が兄に向かって“自分のカバンなんだから自分で持てよ”といった。すると、兄はしばらくボーっとしていたが、弟の顔を見て何も言わずにカバンを持ったそうだ。みんな長い間、“反米は損をする”と考えていただけに過ぎないのだ」



(YONHAP NEWS) - 7月29日

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