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Takeshima/Dokdo--1696 document(K)--Ahn yonbok

There were a lot of mountains and hawks anc crows cats and there were a lot of Japanese ships docked at Ulleungdo, though everyone else was afraid, he lashed out at the Japanese fishermen: “Ulleungdo is our territory. How dare you trespass ? You deserve to be arrested.” “We originally lived on Matsushima . We happened to come here while fishing, but we will surely return there.” “Matsushima is Jasando, and it is also our territory. How dare you say you live there?” Next morning on sailing to usando(干山),Japanese were boiling fish(oil) with big pots lined up.

山多鷹鳥猫倭船亦来泊、船人皆恐、渠倡言欝島本我境、 倭人何敢越境侵犯、汝等可共縛之、仍進船頭大喝、倭言吾等本住松島、偶因漁採出来、今当還往本所、松島即子山島、此亦我國地、汝敢住此耶 遂拾良翌暁沱舟入子山島、倭等方列釜煮魚膏ponta at occidentalism



If you are not satisfied with my argument, I let you remind Gerry's argument?
(He knew the truth, that is why he was banned from talking the truth on the internet).

In 1696, Ahn Yong-bok said that "Matsushima" was "Usando," but Korean maps during that time show that Usando was to the west of Ulleungdo, not the east. For example, consider the following Korean map that was made sometime in the late 1600s, which was at the time of the Ahn Yong-bok incident:
Paldo Chongdo (八都總圖)
Paldo Chongdo (八都總圖)

Notice on the map that the two islands are actually touching each other, and that the one on the left is labeled 于山島 (Usando), though it is very faint, and the one on the right is labelled 蔚陵島 (Ulleungdo), which is also very faint. That suggests that Usando was actually a referrence to Ulleungdo, which would explain how Japanese could have been living on the island. Even after the Ahn Yong-bok incident, Korean maps continued to show Usando west of Ulleungdo, as can be seen from the following 1710 Korean map:
Dongguk Yoji Jido (1710)
Dongguk Yoji Jido (1710)

The above 1710 map helps reconfirm that Ahn's reference to Usando was not a reference to Dokdo/Takeshima. The 1710 map even shows that both Usando and Ulleungdo was 2-days sailing time from the Korean mainland, which suggests the islands were right beside each other. If either island had been "Dodko," it would have required another day of travel time.
The Ahn Yong-bok incident does NOT "prove" that Japan recognized Takeshima (Dokdo) as Korean territory;Korean maps during that time clearly show that Usando was to the west of Ulleungdo, not the east, which means that Usando was not "Dokdo.On the contrary,
it suggests that the Japanese fisherman was using "Matsushima" to refer to Ulleungdo's neighboring island of Jukdo, but all the evidence shows pretty clearly to me that it was definitely not a reference to "Dokdo.ponta at Frying Yangbang


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