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The case of Dutch domfort women

The man executed as the war criminal for the charge was Yoshiharu Okada. (Maybe Keiji Okada, I’m not sure how to read the kanji.) He was found guilty for kidnapping, forcing prostitution, and rape of Dutch women at Semarang and executed by the Dutch.

Okada seemed to have been ordered by his superior to set up a officers’ club, and so he asked Governor Miyano of Sumerang to have some Indonesians working under him to recruit some women. The day before the club opened, he visits the women for the first time to see how everything is, and reports to a visiting general staff that, “They are so cheerful and young that I’m worried some of our men might fall in love and commit suicide together.” The facility was closed down after the General Staff Yamamoto hears that the women were taken by force. (There is also testimony that the facility was simply shut down because business was not good and it had to be restarted using non-white women.) Of the 35 women at the officer’s club, 25 were found to have been forced into prostitution, but the tribunal could not make clear who had been responsible for the actual forcing since the local Indonesian officials were never called in as witness, and find Okada guilty on the basis that Okada should have known no (or only a few) women would willingly become prostitutes, so his orders for recruitment was equivalent to ordering a kidnapping. Okada writes in his diary, “I have treated them so well, and yet they are now accusing me with blatant lies. Alas, I imagine they must do so now that the tides have turned and they cannot claim to have cooperated with us. I see I have been made the mastermind. I have nothing more to say. My hands have been bitten by the dogs I have fed.” (I believe the dogs refer to the Japanese owners of the clubs and not the women.)

The man who ordered Okada, Asao Okubo, committed suicide in Japan after receiving the notification of detainment, and was never tried. Another man, Shozo Ikeda was sentenced to 15 years in prison, although he was on an official trip to Tokyo at the time of the crime. Nine others were sentenced to 2 to 20 years in prison, including the owners of the club

The information above is a collection from Hata’s book, 『戦争裁判の実相』(巣鴨法務委員会編), and 『尋問・拷問・処刑;戦犯の悲劇の記録』(川野京輔、秋田書店), (I am still searching for the latter two books). I’m withholding my decision until the full records of the trials are released from the Dutch archives. But then again, I might not be able to make up my mind even then.two cent at occidentalism

From my point of view, Two cents’ story is another example that Japanese army regulated illegal recruiting, recruiting by force as other evidences so far discovered shows.

And it seems Two cents’s story does not tell whether Dutch women were really forced by brothelponta at occidentalism

Ms O'harn testified at the military tribunal and as a result the military officer and
civilians were punished.
Military officers were in violation of the order that women who voluntarily consented should be employed.
The brothel was closed after two months for Japanese upper officers realized that women was forced.
オランダ女性の事例 末端将兵の行為 すでに厳刑




(2007/03/10 06:09)sankei

SYDNEY, March 27 Kyodo

An Australian grandmother who was forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II has welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s apology to so-called ‘’comfort women.'’

Speaking on local television, 84-year-old Jan Ruff O’Herne said Monday night the apology had given all such sexually exploited women their dignity back.

‘’It’s just fantastic news, I could hardly believe it,'’ Ruff O’Herne said.

‘’It means the comfort women, they’ve got their dignity back. We’ve been waiting for this for 60 years,'’ she said.

Abe reiterated Monday afternoon that his administration stands by a 1993 statement admitting that the Imperial Japanese Army was ‘’directly or indirectly'’ involved in setting up and running the brothels and transferring women to them.

Asked if the government has no intention of issuing an official apology, Abe told the parliamentary committee meeting, ‘’As the prime minister, I am apologizing here.'’

"No historical document has ever been found by historians or research organisations that positively demonstrates that women were forced against their will into prostitution by the Japanese army," the ad said under the title, in bold letters, "THE FACTS".

Ms Ruff-O'Herne said she was appalled by the advertisement.

"My esteem for the Japanese government has completely gone down the drain," she said.

"It's absolutely appalling, I'm trembling with anger.

"I just can't believe it, I am so angry that after all these years and so much proof they could do that."

The 84-year-old Adelaide woman travelled to Washington DC in February to speak before a US House of Representatives hearing on Protecting the Human Rights of "comfort women".

"I myself went to Washington, would I do that at my age if it wasn't true - it is true, we were forced," she said.

"What evidence can they produce that we have not been forced? They haven't got any evidence because we were forced.

"They must be absolutely crazy, Japan is not owning up to their historical responsibilities.

"Comfort women are never going to give up, we want Japan to apologise and acknowledge the war crimes they committed.
I wonder why the journalist didn't show the fact the ad admitted she was forced .

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