Friday, November 24, 2006

Korea's future

A rumor is making the rounds of a deal between the U.S. and China that Washington will withdraw its forces from South Korea and put an end to its alliance with Seoul, and that Beijing, in return, will guarantee a nuclear-free North Korea by overthrowing the Kim Jong-il regime and establishing a pro-Beijing regime. The self-reliance idea this administration has held on to so firmly for three years and nine moths has led to South Korea’s complete exclusion from these matters that concern our survival.

Wow, the rumor might turn out to be true.But what if US military left Korea? ---No, I
am not worried about South Korea, I am worried about Japan. No, I am not worried about China, but I am worried about what South Korea will do against Japan without US
military in the peninsula.

The country’s situation resembles that of 100 years ago, when the sovereignty of the nation fell to the ambitions of the Japanese Empire because Korea made the wrong choices among the fierce competition of surrounding superpowers vying for their national interests -- mostly the same major players as now. The king’s incompetence was responsible for the situation then. The people know who is responsible now.chosun ilbo

Yeah, we know.

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