Monday, November 27, 2006

Chinese Communist Party's 'Abe Plan'

The report indicated that Wang Yi frequently stated that art can bring together people with different backgrounds, even people who dislike each other. When Wang Yi found out Akie is a fan of Wu Rujun, he planned to have the Abes watch Wu's show. Soon the Abes and Wu became friends.

On April 30, when the Abe and the Wu families met for dinner, Wu said to Ankie: "You should visit China and let Chinese people know of Shinzo Abe's future policy toward China and that Shinzo wants to be the founder of Sino-Japan alliances." Ankie thus agreed to visit China.

What is ironic is that all the tools used to impress Ankie are related to ancient Chinese culture and arts which the CCP has always denounced and criticized. Chinese Culture Used by the CCP

In the 1970s a book, disclosing some of the CCP's secrets, called "Liberate Japan" revealed the CCP's plan to export communism to Japan: Step I is to establish a relationship between China and Japan; Step II is to win Japanese people's support by utilizing their interests in Chinese culture. The CCP uses Chinese culture to cover up its real purpose and have the Japanese people give up their vigilance. Nov 27, 2006/epock times

Epoch times is the anti-Chinese newspaper, so I understand its intention.
And some Japanese blogger warn that Japan should be careful not to be attracted to Chinese market. I agree. Japan should demand China to abide the rule of law, so that the interest of private company may not be taken away arbitrarily. Besides, Japan should keep insisting that China pay respect to the human right.
But there is nothing wrong with friendship between people of the both nations.
If China wants to be friendly with Abe, so be it.

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