Saturday, November 18, 2006

South Korea ----returning to militarism??

I came across the following article while internet surfing. You know, South Korea replaced some ministers, Roh appointed Lee Jae-joung, a hawkish as Defence Minister.

And Korean military is now working on nuclear defense plans

The JCS is now developing a three-stage nuclear defense concept - deterrence, surgical strike and damage control.

Surgical strike is considered as part of the second stage of the plan.

The JCS mulls the use of South Korea's conventional weapons to destroy North Korea's nuclear arsenal when an attack becomes imminent, according to the sources.

In the event of such a preemptive strike, the JCS plans to use F-15K fighter jets to drop satellite-guided JDAM bombs or fire 280-kilometer range SLAM-ER missiles at the North's nuclear installations. Those weapons can hit the target with an error of margin of 3 metersKorea herald

Hey,Hey, wait a minute, do you remember what South Korea said when some Japanese politicians said Japan should ponder preemptive attack on North Korea?

South Korea Tuesday accused Japan of returning to its past militarism by suggesting a possible pre-emptive strike on North Korea, in a sharp split over the response to Pyongyang's missile tests.

South Korea, at a meeting of top officials, renewed its condemnation of Pyongyang's missile launches last week but was unsparing in its criticism of the "arrogant" former colonial power Japan.

"It is a serious development that Japanese cabinet ministers have made a series of comments that justify a possible pre-emptive strike and the use of military power against the Korean peninsula," said Jung Tae-Ho, spokesman for President Roh Moo-Hyun.

"We cannot but maintain vigilance as it has unveiled Japan's expansionist nature," he said in a statement after a meeting of Roh and his top aides.Tokyo (AFP) Jul 11, 2006

Hmmm, is South Korea unveiling the expansionist nature?

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