Saturday, November 04, 2006

Self-corrective society

Korean supermarket imitated Japanese supermarket. I have no intention to make fun of it, because it seems it was criticized by Korean themselves. We should keep it mind that Japanese used to be called a copy cat.
GL25시…FairlyMart…편의점업계 ‘짝퉁’ 논란
GL25時…FairlyMart…コンビニ業界 ‘チァックトング’ 論難세계닷컴 두정아 기자 (
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2006.02.15 (水) 16:58

"Don't wash your underwear" written in Korea at Japanese hot spring The reason it was posted is Korean tourists wash their underwear in the bathtub at Japanese hotel. Here again I have no intention to make fun of it because the comments by Koreans seems to lament it. And we should keep it mind that Japanese are also sometimes bothered by the way Japanese middle aged women act.글번호 11571 | 2006-11-02 | 추천 7 | 조회 90520

빤쓰를 빨지 말아주세요パンスを 洗うの 巻いてください

There is always something to be corrected in the society and if there are criticisms from within, it will be corrected. That is the one of the important cause of Democracy. What I hope for Korea is that Korean people will be self-corrective about history related to Japan.


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