Thursday, November 23, 2006

US base is essential for Japan

Okinawa may get extra money for for Futenma relocation effortStars and Stripes

I understand how Okinawan people feel about the military base.
Okinawa is the only battle field in Japan where Japanese citizens were forced to fight during WWⅡ.Okinawa is the place where Hirohito suggested the US to keep it as a military base after the occupation by the allies. Okinawa government was in the hand of US military for a long time.
But JSDF is not so formed as to act independently of US military. When US leave Japan, it is the time that Japan will decisively go nuclear. And geographically Okinawa is the crucial place to defend Japan. In this sense ,the military base in Okinawa is essential for Japanese strategy. The news that they get extra money was good one. Japanese government should do everything to lessen the inconvenience of Okinawan people due to the military base.

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