Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The death of a taboo

Some people, including in the US, believe that just discussing Japan's possible nuclear armament can be important and effective strategically, not only as a warning to North Korea but as a "Japan card" to pressure China to work harder to stop Pyongyang developing nuclear weapons. Apparently with the Japan card in mind, US Vice President Dick Cheney once said, "The idea of a nuclear-armed North Korea with ballistic missiles to deliver those will, I think, probably set off an arms race in that part of the world. That's not in China's interest."
Asia times

North Korea is the pressing issue, somehow it needs to be settled.

A second, senior defense official privy to the effort said
the Bush administration recently affirmed its commitment
to both South Korea and Japan that it would use U.S. nuclear
weapons to deter North Korea, now considered an unofficial
nuclear weapon state.
"We will resort to whatever force levels we need to have,
to defend the Republic of Korea. That nuclear deterrence is
in place," said the senior official, who declined to reveal
what nuclear forces are deployed in Asia.The washington times/November 3, 2006

It is not time to be demonstrating "No saction Do dialogue
(I can't laugh at them, though.)

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