Saturday, November 04, 2006

Raiders and Senkaku islands

Anybody who is interested in the Japanese territorial issue with China might as well begin with this article.
Japan is building search radars and electronic intelligence facilities on the Miyako islands, which are 1,800 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. These islands are also 180 kilometers east of the disputed (between China, Taiwan and Japan) Senkaku islands. The Senkakus are eight uninhabited islands, which in the past were only used occasionally by fishermen. The Senkakus are 220 kilometers from Taiwan, 360 kilometers from China and 360 kilometers from Okinawa (which is part of Japan). Japan's claim is the strongest, having first been formally made in 1895. The United States took control of the islands after World War II, and used some of them for bombing practice. Japan continued to claim ownership when, in the 1970s, the possibility of oil deposits in the area caused China and Taiwan to make claims as well. The new Japanese radar facility on Miyako will make it easier for Japan to assert control over the Senkakus if there is ever a military confrontation with China. The new radar also provides early warning of any Chinese military moves against Okinawa or southern Japan.November 3, 2006/military news


Japan claimed the islands in 1895 when it colonized Taiwan, but the United States controlled them after World War II and returned them to Japan in 1972. Taiwan also claims the islands as its territory.By CARL FREIRE, Associated Press Writer

Saturday, December 30, 2006AP

NAHA, Okinawa Pref. (Kyodo) Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui has said the Senkaku Islands, which are Japanese-controlled but claimed by Taiwan and China, actually belong to Japan魚拓

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mj said...

Lee Teng-hui holds no official title when he did these remarks. Diaoyu Islands(Senkaku) have always belonged to Taiwan, long before Japan made any claims on it, Japans claim are hardly the strongest, as the treaty that secessioned Taiwan was revoked, senkaku are also, Japan holds no legal claim over it, current president Ma of Taiwan hade wrote an essay on this issue during hes university years already which was very informing and showed clearly that Japan hade no real claim over those island.