Sunday, November 26, 2006

S. Korean inspectors find bone fragment, ban sale of U.S. beef

Korea will return or destroy the first shipment of U.S. beef in almost three years after discovering a bone fragment in it Chosun Ilbo
Japan banned the US beef for the mad cow deceases, but,,,,,Japan did not set up the photo like this, is this another example of South Korea's anti-Americanism, or am I reading too much?


Activists demand that the U.S.military remove the pollutants from their bases before being returned to Korea.
How about this one?......maybe not.


Darin said...

I think there are just so many talented graphic artists in Korea that someone can think of an image for just about anything. The editor probably thought this was funny rather then relevent.

However even if it's the case, I don't see how it could be anti-American, not unless the knife and fork had Korean symbols all over them anyways.

zero said...

Hi, Darin.
My first impression was that the Americand flag, i.e,, USA was being "cooked", cut and burned, . And the knife and folk, coupled with the article , represents South Korea, South Korea is the one who is going to cut and eat it.
But come to think of it now after your comment, I may be reading
too much .