Sunday, November 05, 2006

South Korean attitude toward abduction by North Korea

Some people say Japanese and Koreans are alike. I agree. Still, there are many things I can never understand about Korea. One of them is the issue about the abduction by North Korea.
Here is a Chosun libo article in Korean and its translation in Japanese.
The main point of the article is Japan will be isolated among six nations if Japan insists on setting the human right issue on the table in 6-party talk. Note that this is not North Korean newspaper, it is South Korean newspaper.
Here is another article about it by Oh my news in Korean and its translation in Japanese.
The writer compares the Japanese attitude with American attitude in the General Sherman Incident in which "an American imperialist" tried to invade Korea under the pretext of demanding lost Americans whom Korea government at the time responded were already killed.
The writer says that it is the classical technique of Imperialists.Note again this is
not North Korean newspaper.

I know Koreans love conspiracy theory. But I don't understand the point.
Forget about Japan, but think of it:Much more South Korean people have been kidnapped than Japanese were kidnapped and they are believed to be alive.
Is being the same race so important that you can cancel the crimes they committed?
Is the unification so important that hundreds of South Korean people
should be sacrificed for it?
Is it okay that your government has done little to protect the life and happiness of your individual nationals?
I think South Korean attitude toward North Korea created the monster kid called KJI and I never understand why they could be so cold about their countrymen.

via 木村幽閉記

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