Monday, November 20, 2006

Why Matsuzaka is Korean, not Japanese.?

A man, apparantely Korean person,* argues that Matsuzaka, who is rumored to play in the American major leageue, is Korean.This is not Korean government's annoucement, it is just one Korean person's speculation.Boston Red Sox Message Board But it might be a good speculation.Let's see.
(*See UPDATE below)

His argument.
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From: moralist Nov-18 9:21 am
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1. In WBC, Ichiro Suzuki made a speech to make light of Korean baseball, but Matsuzaka did not say any word about Korea.

2. One of the players he holds the greatest respect for is Kim Byung Hyun, because he won big fame in Boston Red Sox.

3. Most Japanese girls are addicted to Korean boys and wanna get married with them, and his wife is Japanese.

4. I hear that his grandparents were forced to go to Japan as a labor before Pacific War began. Their real name is Park, but they made themselves Matsuzaka to escape from discrimination in Japan.

5. It is well-known that the brilliant people in Asia are all descended from Koreans. Matsuzaka, having an excellent ability, is Korean, too.

And its reaction
Thanks for sharing. May I present your post to my composition students as an example of logical fallacies?

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Koreans pathological mentality is driving people in Taiwan, Japan, and China to their wits' end...

(1) Koreans were once insisting that Ichiro was a Korean. But, their tone suddenly changed when Ichiro said at the WBC preliminary matches in Asia, "We want to outgame opponents to the degree of leaving the impression that Japan is unbeatable coming 30 years." (Ichiro said like that, but intentionally or inadvertently his remark was misleadingly translated in Korea.) Many hyper-reactive anti-Japanese Koreans literally hyper-reacted at his remark. They appears to have felt that they got mocked, and they are still with the feeling of being abused.. In fact, Ichiro didn't mean any insult to anybody. He just wanted to express his enthusiasm for WBC to inspire the team as the team leader. But, since then, many pathological Koreans have harbor deep-seated hatred against Ichiro too persistently.. Interestingly, they suddenly stopped rewording Ichiro was a Korean. Instead, their endless quest to diminish Ichiro began. They cannot stop. Koreans pathological persistence has been sickening Japanese people in every way. This is just one of those examples.

(2) Koreans insist that every shining Asian individual should be a Korean. That's their diseased fancy or pathological idiosyncrasy. In Taiwan, Taiwan people are really dismayed to know that Korean people are now insisting that Chien-Ming Wang (NYY) is a Korean. That made the big TV news in Taiwan, and Japan. Of course, Wang is not a Korean.

(3) In China, the same kind of trouble is happening right now. Koreans are now insisting that Confucius was actually a Korean, and trying to apply for their own ceremony dedicated to Confucius with the UNESCO World Heritage!! Not only this, but they are also insisting that it was the ancient Koreans that invented the Chinese writing system. They are also trying to apply for this surprising allegation with the UNESCO World Heritage in a serious manner. Chinese people are really pissed.

(4) Other hard-to-believe Koreans assertion.. you may laugh.. but they are serious believe it or not...
* David Beckham is a Korean. British people are descended from Koreans.
* Carl Lewis is a Korean.
* Korea is the root of the ancient Mesopotamian, Indus, Egyptian, and Chinese civilizations.

It's only a matter of time that Koreans starts asserting that Jesus Christ was a Korean. This is not a joke. SERIOUS!!

Personally, I suspect that their pathological mentality of this sort is the reflection of their inferiority complex

Hmmm, it seems Matsuzaka is Japanese after all.

Two cents at occidentalism gave a warning as to the nationality of the person who posted it.
Mika Said:

November 20, 2006 at 7:43 am

Some Koreans are now claiming that the Japanese baseball playerr Daisuke Matsuzaka is Korean…You can see another example of their obnoxious boasting and nationalistic lies.

Two Cents Said:

November 20, 2006 at 9:21 am

I’m going to be rather careful about identifying “slimlady,” who claimed Matsuzaka to be a Korean, as indeed a Korean. He/she seems also to have claimed that Ichiro is Korean. It may be a Japanese (maybe a 2-channeler?) posing as a Korean hoping to present Koreans in a bad light. You can’t be really be sure about who is who on the net. As usinkorea has said, on the net, you are only as good as your words. But, unfortunately, you can easily pretend to be someone you are not.two cents at occidentalism

Her argument stands. We should be careful.But I still thinks it is doubtful that a Japanese 2 channeler posted it, for Japanese 2 channeler is notorious for their poor English ability, but as far as I see it, his English is not as bad as Japanese writers. My English is not as good as his.I have never heard of an Japanese American having trouble with Koreans, but some Kyopos are notorious for the their "patriotism" for their mother country. It is more likely that he is ethnic Korean. But yes, we should be careful not to make a hasty judgement. So I should have written, probably Korean American, or I should not have specified the nationallity.I stand corrected.


Ken said...

I'm from Boston.

All I care about is whether or not the brother can get us past the Yankees.

zero said...

Hi Ken
I for one do not care what nationality matsuzaka is.And I am not
a big fan of baseball. But I thought it was a bit interesting that there was somebody who care about it.
I hope Matsuzaka will play best in the American major league whatever nationality he may be.