Monday, April 03, 2006

The testimony by Yoshida Seiji on comfort women.

There is only one testimony that Japanese troop systematically abducted Korean women and made them comfort women:that was by Yoshida.
For instance he wrote,
May in 1943 he ordered Japanese troop to "hunt" women and as a result
205 women were abducted.

However, what he wrote was denied by the people whom he said he abducted.
Seju newspaper, Aug 14, 1989 wrote:
The local old residence said,
There are onluy 250 houses here and if 15 women were abducted, that would have be a big news, but I have never heard of it.

The lolcal historian said,
After his publication, I have researched the case, but it turned out that
his story was false.His book only shows Japanese vice, shallow commercialism p233

NHKyamaguchi interviewed 40 to 50 people ,intending to produce the TV program, but could not find any evidences for Yoshida's testimony.p234

Later in an interview with the reporter of the weekly magazin shinchou on May 29 1996
Yoshida said,
It does not benifit you even if you write the truth, even newspaper asserts its opinion hiding the facts.

Later it turned out Yoshida was in prison from 1940 to 1942 at Nagasaki.The person with this criminal record could not become a public officer as he claimed he was.

The hisitorian Yoshimi, who worked for the comfort women, suggested Yoshida to refute
the allegation against him, but Yoshida answered he could not.Since then, no Japanese historian from rightists to leftists has not used his testimony as credibile.p242

Hata, a historian, concluded he was a professionla liar.


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