Saturday, April 22, 2006


Irsan, whose book devote many pages to Japan's colonial rule of Indonesia during World War II, said he felt very sad during his visit to Yasukuni Shrine as he learned that the shrine's war museum says Indonesia became independent in 1949.

"Many Japanese people do know that Indonesia became independent on Aug. 17, 1945. Therefore, it is beyond my understanding why (the shrine) has made such a mistake," Apr. 22, 2006Yomiuri

Though Japan captured Java by March 1942, it initially could not find any national leader willing to collaborate with the Japanese government against the Dutch. Eventually the Japanese commander ordered Sukarno’s release from his prison island, and in July 1942, Sukarno arrived in Jakarta. Sukarno and his colleagues collaborated with the Japanese occupiers. In 1945, with the war drawing to a close, Sukarno was made aware of an opportunity to declare independence. In response to lobbying, Japan agreed to allow Sukarno to establish a committee to plan for independence. Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta declared independence on 17

Following the defeat of Japan in the World War, the Netherlands' Army, at first backed by the British, attempted to reoccupy their former East Indies colonies. Indonesia's war for independence lasted from 1945 until 27 December 1949

It was not until 16 August 2005 that the Dutch government recognized 1945 as the country's year of independence and expressed regrets over the Indonesian deaths caused by the Netherlands' Army.



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