Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Japan/the U.S/new partnership

With the United States struggling to meet military commitments abroad, and with Japan increasingly asserting military autonomy, American policymakers must shape a new policy that will more equitably distribute security burdens between the two countries.

while U.S. policymakers might advise the Japanese of the uncertain benefits of acquiring their own nuclear weapons relative to the high costs, the United States should not expect to be able to prevent the Japanese from developing such weapons—nor should it try. Finally, the new strategic partnership should culminate with the removal of U.S forces from Japanese soil.The Cato Institute

The new alliance between two normal countries— as opposed to one between a patron and a de facto client—will provide a more durable foundation for addressing the most pressing security challenges in East Asia and beyond.


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genebko said...

Bigger than that. The U.S. must seek to mentor rather than command, intimidate and bully. There is much good on both sides of the Oceans and it must be shared in an egalitarian system rather than the patriarchal one to which you allude. I say this being a citizen of the U.S. and first generation immigrant son from Germany; another society that did not learn its lessons last century until it was too late.