Monday, April 24, 2006

Japan/the U.S.

Japan has offered to pay $2.8 billion. It would also finance loans to the United States worth $3.3 billion, the remainder of its $6.1 billion share. Japan would shoulder 59 percent of the realignment cost

The United States had proposed in an earlier round of negotiations that Japan pay $7.5 billion, or 75 percent, of the cost to relocate Marines. Japan had said it would pay about one-third of that


"Now that we have a final agreement on the realignment of the U.S. military presence (in Japan), I think the foundation for our alliance in the next 20 years is gradually being put in place," Nukaga said

On sharing the cost to relocate U.S. Marines, Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said Monday that Japan agreed to pay almost three-fifths of the cost in order to expedite the reduction of the burdens on the host communities in Okinawa

While Japan has been paying for the construction of U.S. bases in Japan and some other expenses for the stationing of the U.S. troops, it is unprecedented for it to fund such facilities in U.S. territory, a senior Foreign Ministry official said Monday on condition of anonymity.Tuesday April 25,kyodo


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