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Serious question: can someone explain to me how Japan sending a ship to the disputed EEZ area is a “justification of its past invasions,” as Roh is calling it. I don’t get the logic.

The Japanese claim to Tokto goes back to 1905, citing terra nullius, even though Korea had made a prior claim on the island, and Japan had acknowledged the claim in the 19th century. Japan claimed Tokto in 1905 at a time when, by Tokyo’s design through the Russo-Japanese War and the forcing of Korea to relinquish control of foreign affairs to Tokyo (that’s the history of aggression part), there was little Korea could do about this issue.

Furthermore, the treaty Japan signed at the end of World War II called for it to give up any claims on territory gained through its imperial expansionism.

Thus, any Japanese claim today on Tokto or the surrounding EEZ is, in Seoul’s view, based on Japan’s past imperial aggression. It would be no different from if Tokyo were to send its Coast Guard into the EEZ created by Chejudo or Ullŭngdo.kushibo


Korea and Japan both claim Dokdo/Takeshima, but Japan has not been threatening diplomatic war, canceling summit meetings, printing Takeshima stamps, or sending a dozen ships and planes out to prevent a survey of the disputed area. Korea has been doing all of that and more.

Almost all countries have shines to people who other people consider evil. The United States honors people who are considered war criminals by other nations. China honors Mao, who killed tens of millions. North Korea honors Kim Il-sung, who killed millions of Koreans. South Korea honors people who the Japanese consider as terrorists, yet it is only Korea and China who are making a big deal out of the Japanese shine visits. The United States, the Philippines, and other countries have not been threatening diplomatic war or canceling summit meetings.

You are the one with blinders on, Kushibo, if you cannot see how Korea overreacts to almost everything that Japan does. Even you BBC article said that Koizumi, not Roh, spent months trying to get Japan-Korea relations back on track. However, no matter what Koizumi does, Koreans will find something to whine about. Koreans love to paint themselves as the victim, and they love to make Japan, the US military, and Apollo Ohno the victimizer.

I cracked up when I read that Roh is considering giving up using “quiet diplomacy” with Japan. Quiet diplomacy? When has Roh ever used quiet diplomacy with Japan? The only kind of diplomacy I have seen Roh use is “hissy-fit diplomacy.”gbeaver


Of course, we wouldnt be in this situation if the Korean government had kept its promises about the fishing rights in the first place.Shakuhachi


Do you also believe that countries with maps saying “Sea of Japan” are attempting to “distort history”?

Kushibo wrote: “Korea is in no position but to send out ships and planes to prevent an unwanted incursion into an area it occupies.”

Gerry Writes: Wrong, Kushibo. There are a few things that Korea could do instead of sending out a eighteen or more ships and planes to stop two survey vessels in the area claimed by both Korea and Japan. For one, Korea could simply do what Japan did when Korea surveyed the same area without getting Japan’s permission, which is they could simply protest the survey without using force. Afterall, the two Japanese survey vessels are not going to the area to invade Dokdo, as the Korean media seems to believe.

Yasukuni is not a shrine to Japanese war criminals. It is a shrine to Japan’s war dead, and the Japanese prime minister does not go to the shrine to pay homage to Japanese war criminals. He has said repeatedly that he goes there to pray for peace and the souls of all the dead. Korea, on the other hand, intentionally pays homage to terrorists.

Kushibo Wrote: “Although they are mass killers, that domestic matter is not analogous to the situation at hand.”

Gerry Writes: Aren’t Japanese textbooks and shrine visits also a “domestic matter”? Afterall, Japan is not declaring diplomatic war on Korea for its distorted textbooks and shrine visits.

Kushibo Wrote: “The Japanese claim to Tokto goes back to 1905, citing terra nullius, even though Korea had made a prior claim on the island, and Japan had acknowledged the claim in the 19th century.”

Gerry Writes: You are wrong again, Kushibo. Korea never claimed Dokdo/Takeshima before 1905, and Japan never acknowledged any such fictitious claim.Gbeaver

You are wrong about Yasukuni. It is not a shrine to Japan’s war dead. It is a shrine to those who gave their lives for the Japanese emperor. The two are not the same (except to Japan’s right wing).

And there is a reason that PMs before Koizumi did not go there. Regardless of whether Koizumi is right in doing to Yasukuni, I think it is worth noting that many Japanese are uncomfortable with the idea, too.Haisan



The U.S. leave the region and let China-Japan war happen. After all, these two savages are so eager to get at each other’s throats. Why should the U.S. get involved in this cat fight? Just let them destroy each other.

Korea? It all depends how Koreans react. Korea will not be able to stand neutral when these two big guys fight it out. Korea will side with one of the two.

Japan just made a big mistake. Japan pushed Korea to Chinese side. Unless Japan undo what it just did, Korea will help China to destroy Japan.budak


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