Saturday, April 22, 2006

Douglas A. MacArthur testified

There is practically nothing indigenous to Japan except the silk worm.
They lack cotton, thy lack wool, they lack petroleum products they lack tin. they lack rubber, they lack a great many other things, all of which was in the Asian basin.
They feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan.
Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.
----Douglas A. MacArthur in 1951----

 (聴聞会の正式な題は「極東の軍事情勢とマッカーサーの解任」(Inquiry Into the Military Situation in the Far East and the Facts Surrounding the Relief of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur from his Assignments in that Area)である。米国立公文書館の上院文書RG46に全文がある。マッカーサー米議会証言録(1)


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