Thursday, April 20, 2006

Japan/Korea/takeshima---Kill'em all!!!

Protesters burn anti-Japanese pickets during a rally demanding Japan abandon a planChosun

(因みにflying yangbangは韓国人の配偶者をもつアメリカ人の領土問題に関する分析で比較的冷静で参考になります。)


A survey vessel is not classified as a civilian vessel like a fishing boat, but as a government ship. If it is seized by our maritime police, Japan would immediately refer us to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. Should that happen, the Dokdo islets and nearby seas would become a conflict area in the eyes of the international community, and chances are that a court ruling would be favorable to Japan. Apr.19,2006Chosu libo

A ministry official says it will not be easy to change the two Japanese names to Korean names. It weakens the argument even further that the Korean government raised no objection over the last 27 years. “The feeling now is that the vested interest has been acknowledged,” the official said.ChosunApr.18,2006

Now, I see I was wrong! Japan is trying to take other country’s land. By creeping in. And, by force later. The monster is back. And, its first target is Korea!

Kill ‘em all!baduk

Korea is like a woman who has been raped for 35 years by the same man. He now says he is a different man. But, he still keeps the porno tapes(Yaskuni) that he made her watch while he is at it.

He meets her in the public park by chance(Dokdo). He takes off his shirt blaming the weather.baduk



South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, anxious to distract attention from controversy over his efforts at reconciliation with
North Korea, talked tough on Thursday after ordering a flotilla of 18 patrol boats to fend off survey ships that Japan says it's sending to chart the waters around the islands. Asia TimesApr 21, 2006


Before going to war with Japan, South Korea will form an alliance with North Korea and China. It will not be Japan against South Korea, but rather Japan against China and Korea.

I do not think the U.S. will fight on the side of Japan.

Russia may join in on China and Korea side. As you said, Japan is a rich country. Russia may like to get a piece of that.budak

However, judging from this incident, it is obvious Japan will play dirty. And, it is obvious to me that Japan will not stop at Dokdo. The next target will be Ulengdo and maybe parts of Korea itself.

Impossible? Have you read some literature on Japanese Rightwingers? They want to revive the “Great Japan Empire”, the Rising Sun.budak



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Mr. Ballistic said...

Now I understand why North Korea has nuclear weapons it is the only way they can counter the Japan's science vessel gap.