Saturday, April 22, 2006


A lot of pro-Korean commentators say that they believe Takshiima-Dokdo belongs to Korea, in view of history and in view of international law.
What is strange and funny is that none of them recommend Korean people to send it to
International Court of Justice.

If historically and legally the island belongs to Korea,Korean people lose nothing by sending it to I.C.J.

What is I.C.J. for? ----the peaceful settle of the internatinal conflicts.

Japan want it.
Korea rejected it.

Instead they are talking about agressive measures, they are talking about "killing'em all"

Which countries learned from the past?

But anyway, it seems that they agreed.

Japan agreed Saturday to withdraw its plan to conduct a maritime survey near a group of disputed islets in the Sea of Japan, a Japanese official said.

South Korea, in turn, agreed to cancel plans to name seafloor topography near the islets at an international conference scheduled for June in Germany, the official said.

South Korea turned down Japan's proposal to create a system to give each other advance notice when one of them plans to conduct such a maritime survey, according to the official.kyodo

Well,the party is over ....for now.

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