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Chinese comfort women break silence

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Chinese comfort women have started breaking silence in the midst of the controversy over resolution 121.
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Chinese study identifies 'comfort women'

....Some Japanese soldiers were incorporated into China's Kuomintang Army after the end of the war and continued using one brothel in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, until 1947, the report said. Soldiers also used temples as brothels, it said.....The groups did not say why the study was carried out now. The All-China Lawyers Association is the national umbrella group for government-sanctioned lawyers' groups......By ANITA CHANG, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jul 3, 4:06 AM ET



Chinese woman breaks silence on sex slavery horror
Mon Jun 25, 2007By Royston Chan

RUGAO, China (Reuters)

When Zhou was 22, Japanese soldiers came to her village in eastern China, grabbed her and her sister-in-law and carted them off to a military brothel, she says......

"I hid with my husband's sister under a millstone. Later, the Japanese soldiers discovered us and pulled us out by our legs. They tied us both to their vehicle. Later they used more ropes to tie and secure us and drove us away," she told Reuters in her home village in Jiangsu province.

"They then took us to the 'comfort woman lodge'. There was nothing good there," she said, speaking through a local government official who struggled to translate her thick dialect into Mandarin.

"For four to five hours a day, it was torture. They gave us food afterwards, but every day we cried and we just did not want to eat it," Zhou added, sitting in her sparsely decorated home.

The Chinese government says Japan has yet to atone properly for its war crimes, which it says included massacres and forcing people to work as virtual slaves in factories or as prostitutes.

In 2005, a push by Japan for a permanent U.N. Security Council seat sparked sometimes violent anti-Japanese street protests in cities across China, with demonstrators denouncing Tokyo and demanding compensation and an apology for the war.


Zhou -- neatly dressed in a dark blue traditional Chinese shirt, her graying hair combed back into a bun -- avoided saying what had happened to her in the brothel, except that she was there with at least 20 other Chinese women.

But her son, Jiang Weixun, 62, said she had told him they were repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers on a daily basis.

Zhou said she had served as a "comfort woman" for two months before a local town official rescued her by paying off the Japanese.

She went back to her husband of 10 years, Ni Jincheng, who later died fighting the Japanese.

Zhou remarried and lives with her son, Jiang, from her second marriage.

Jiang said his mother had been moved to tell her story after learning of the death of Lei Guiying, a well-known former Chinese comfort womanlink

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