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Comfort women: Evidence, testimoy,

I echoes with Sisaku when he describes Abe as
The half-smile on the face of a man who had never had to fight for a single thing in his entire life--who had had everything handed to him by others -Shisaku

But I don't think some people are doing justice to his statement on the comfort women.
I think it all started with the misquoatioan by Onishi of NYT
PM Abe misquoted in English/Occidentalism

Surely you can not underestimate the testimonies just because we don't know who they are, just because some of them testimonies are inconsitent.
But let's judge the matter in calm and objective manner.

In particular I would like to ask American people who accuse Japan of whitewashing history if they make fuss about the following cases as much as they do to Japan.

The next reasonably well-documented instance of germ warfare occurred during the Korean War, in February 1952, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China charged that U.S. pilots had dropped "germ bombs" on North Korea. They offered as evidence the testimony of captured U.S. Air Force officers and intelligence agents, and Koreans who told of finding large quantities of fleas and other insect pests shortly after U.S. planes had flown over their areas. The U.S. Government strenuously denied the charge, but a respected group of scientists believed the evidence was convincing proof that the United States had employed biological weapons.
"The International Scientific Commission for the Investigation of the Facts Concerning Bacteriological Warfare in Korea and China" included scientists from Great Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, and the Soviet Union. One of the most renowned scientists of the 20th century, Joseph Needham of England, sat on the commission. Its 700 page report described a whole array of germ weapons: feathers infected with anthrax; lice, fleas, and mosquitoes dosed with plague and yellow fever; diseased rodents; and various implements contaminated with deadly microbes - toilet paper, envelopes, and the ink in fountain pensexcerpts from the book Bioterror Manufacturing Wars the American Way Edited by Ellen Ray and Willam H. Schaap Ocean Press, 2003魚拓
(emphasis mine)

No Gun-ri Misreporting ContinuesRok drops魚拓

Let's listen to the both sides of the story.

comfort women testimoy
Massacre and the U.S.

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