Sunday, July 01, 2007

A blogger supporting for Aso on the controversy over the resolution 121

A Japanese blog, Let's Blow! , has some interesting points to say about the controversy of the resolution 121 on the issue of comfort women.(Keep in mind, this blogger is a supporter of Aso,who is rumored to be next prime minister.)

1, He criticizes the blog that blames the Ad on Wapo, saying (1)it provided the English source to refer to in English for the first time , and (2)it was significant in that it asked the U.S why she had to be involved in the periodical skirmishes between Japan and China/Korea. In particular, (3)it showed Japan's determination to fight against the U.S. on history issue if necessary.

As for (3), the blogger criticizes the US congressional report, at the same time, he takes notes of the part in it.
This possibility opens up a number of uncertainties, including the potential for Japanese to counter by demanding official U.S. compensation for the U.S. napalm bombings of Japanese cities in 1945 (beginning with the massive Tokyo fire raid of March 9, 1945, which killed an estimated 80,000 or more Japanese) and the atomic bombings of August 1945CRS

That means that the U.S is aware that Japan is ready to
counterattack on the historical issue if necessary.

2 He criticizes Asahi newspaper's reaction to the committee's resolution.
Asahi says we should take it seriously on the one hand, but it forgets to mention the fact that the committee issued other resolution against China.For instance, the committee passed the resolution to allow Taiwan official to visit the U.S, to support the the Uighur human activist to release the detainee.
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Government of the People's Republic of China should immediately release from custody the children of Rebiya Kadeer and Canadian citizen Huseyin Celil and should refrain from further engaging in acts of cultural, linguistic, and religious suppression directed against the Uyghur people;

He asks why the hell Asahi failed to mention it while claiming that we should take the resolution seriously.

3 He also criticizes Sankei's allegation that China is in control of Honda and Lantos.
Honda and Lantos are for the resolution against China

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