Sunday, July 08, 2007

From JoongAng Dailly

The country that is nor yours sometimes has news that is strange, hard to understand.
Today, I've found several news articles that is a little bit difficult to understand from JoongAng Daily.

The government unveiled a revised version of the pledge of allegiance last week, which it said sounds less compulsory, and would encourage people to voluntarily express their loyalty to the country.
However, some human rights groups oppose not just the revision but the pledge itself, which they say forces the people to be subservient to the country. They plan to hold rallies against it this week.
Under a presidential decree dating to 1972, Koreans are required to recite the pledge of allegiance at public gatherings and at the start of each week of classes from elementary through high school: “I pledge, in front of proud Taegeukgi [Korea’s national flag], allegiance to my mother country, to devote my body and soul to the eternal glory of the country and the people.”...“We changed some parts of the pledge of allegiance as they were outdated and sounded a bit oppressive,” said Jung Hyun-kyu, a director at the ministry.
“We inserted ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ in the new version, as they are the priority values we say we are pursuing in the Constitution. ‘The Republic of Korea’ also sounds less oppressive than ‘mother country.’”Joong Ang Daily July 09, 2007
(Emphasis mine)

Wowwww, Ishihara will feel ecstasy even at the revised law.

A dog’s life just got a little better in Korea.......Animals, including dogs, must be knocked out before slaughter, and all animal owners are required to give a proper amount of food and fresh water to their charges......Dogs are not technically considered food here, even though there are many places where dog meat is served.JoongAng Dailly/July 09, 2007

So how do dogs used to be slaughtered?

JoongAng Daily (Japanese)2007.06.29
More than 3000 workers of sex industry demonstrated, demanding to repealthe special act concerning sex trading.

What is the background of the story? Why are they protesting?

Korean Netizens are furious about the foreigner's youtube video in which
the foreigners say, "strip off Korean women.We'll be excused if we say we mistook the woman for Japanese". A netizen said, "a fundamental measures should be taken not to damage the image of Korea."
JoongAng Daily 2007.07.08

A Korean American blogger took it up, and asked if it was newsworthy.

A candidate for President from Hannara party is rumored that his father is the member of Chongryon (the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) and his mother is Japanese . He responded, "we are living in the times when this kind of rumor has an influence."JoongAngDaily2007.07.07

Why and how does such a rumor have a influence?

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