Sunday, July 22, 2007

Debito all too Debito (3)

Former UCLA player gets Japanese citizenship, spot on national hoops team

When Deibto writes it,
Here’s one way to avoid the accusation that foreigners in Japanese sports make events too boring:

Where did the article in question say he naturalized to avoid the accusation that foreigners make the event too boring?

Sakuragi, a 203-cm forward, is expected to be a big presence in the paint for Team Japan in the upcoming Asia Championship in Tokushima,

It seems logical that he needs Japanese citizenship.
According to the article, it was Japanese who longed for him.
Why can't we just welcome him?
Is it another instance of racism?
Is it Debito's magic that the story in which Japanse welcome this person as a Japanse national turns to his favorit subject of racism?

That said, Asahi article he linked is also misleading.

The slogan of high school sport associations could be: If you can't beat 'em, ban 'em

The restrictions followed protests from Japanese fans who say the superior ability of the foreign students is making the sporting events dull.

In May, the All Japan High School Athletic Federation decided to ban foreign students from running the first leg in the All Japan High School Ekiden Championships,

Debito says,
"But I don’t think the organizers of these events really understand what “being sporting” is all about. To them sports are great, as long as Japanese win."

In Ekiden, a Japanese school wins whoever the member.
So the case is not what Asahi writer and Debito want it to represent as.
The real problem is
"The schools bring the foreign students here just to publicize the names of their schools. They are not suitable for high school sport competitions."

The school represents the local district, and the local people support the school because of it , but if students come from other districts just for the school to win, , some local people are put off.
The problem has been pointed out and there are voices that Japanese students from other prefecture should be restricted.*1

As for this issue, it is my opinion that sports association should not interfere in this matter; whoever the member, if the school trained them, if the locals nurtured them, the school and the local people should be proud of them.

Debito all too Debito(2)



留学生・金選手 「韓国で本場の剣道を」 シード校苦しめた文徳大将cash

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