Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Menopausa" and "wired leftists."

石原知事「ババア」発言の賠償請求棄却 東京地裁







Let me explain
ISHIHARA Shintaro, the Governor of Tokyo, made the following comment on November 2001 in a weekly women's magazine with a circulation of more than 300,000: "He [a Tokyo University professor whom Ishihara is misquoting] says it's both wasteful and sinful for women to live beyond menopause, because while men can father children into their 80s or 90s, women lose their reproductive powers after menopause, yet even so they go on living until the age of Kin-san and Gin-san [famous Japanese twin sisters who lived to be over 100 ]. He says such useless human beings are extremely harmful to the whole planet. I really think he's on to something here, although I can't say such things myself in my capacity as a politician (laughter)."link

The feminist sued Ishiara.
It seems the court admitted
By saying “it is useless and sinful of women to live on after their reproductive abilities gone”, the Governor is discriminating against women (in breach of Article 14 of the Constitution of Japan), denying their value to live (in breach of Articles 13 and 25 of the same), denying the right to reproductive self-determination (Article 13 of the same), and denying the right of a human being to live and grow older as a human being with respect and dignity as the time goes by, until the day they finally pass away (Articles 13 and 25).

The Decision, however, did not accept that these remarks were not directed at specific individuals and as such did not constitute libellink

In response to this judgement, Ishihara stated,
The wired leftists noised about it, and it is just their "performance"

The women sued Ishihara again, saying the statment damaged the plaintiffs' honor.
So today the court ruled that Ishihara did not designate the plaintiffs by the" wired leftists " and that the word "performance" might hurt their feelings, but it does not exceed the the legally permissible level.

If you want to help these women, go to this
site it seems they want to internationalize the issue.

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