Friday, July 13, 2007

Does Japan have most beautiful women in East Asia? ---from Chinese site

I am not sure what this Chinese site 百度 is like. Probably it is like 2ch in Japan.
The conversation is so crap that it deserves reading.
And it is also interesting to know there is moronic talking on the Internet in every country.

via 日本の評判

1 Does Japan have most beautiful women in East Asia?

3 The sum number of beautiful women
China >........>Japan>Taiwan>Hon Kong>North Korea>Mongol>South Korea

4 #4 is radically china-centered guy.
He is obviously biased.
If you are not racisit, it is obvious that the sum number of beautiful women is propotional to the populaton. The rate of the pouplation of beautiful women are more or less the same in every country.

But South Korean women are ugly. Besides they get plastic surgery.

8 >>6
That is obviously bias. ....Many Chinese have the sense of superiority over Koreans to the bone.
Historically that might be true, but now a small country is equal to a big country.

There are only three countries in East Asia that have beautiful women.

It is true Japan have less beautiful women than China. Japan is insular so the gene is limited. The same hold true for Korea.
But Japanese women make up pretty well.....
I have seen only one beautiful Japanese women. After making up, she is better than
Chinese women. But the rest of Japanese women were ugly, they are below the Chinese middle level.

96 Japanese men are handsome. .....

98 Korean men are handsome too. 60% of Chinese women wantto marry Japanese, and 40 % want to visit Korea

Right. The competition will be harder. In the future, we have to import women from Vietnam .
Don't worry. It only costs us only 200gen to buy Vietnamese women. I researched it before.

North Korean women are prettier than South Korean women.

With a bag of rice, you can buy North Korean women, so I heard.

There is no medicine for a fool.

羅格、魔王、松前,(names) why don't we visit Korea to buy women. It helps our brother country.
I am Marx, 羅格 is Engels, 松前 is Lenin 魔王 is Mao pig. Let's save our brother of socialist country.

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Anonymous said...

Chinese insecurity running wild. LOL ! When people compare beauties in Asia they are usually talking baout Korean or Japanese women. No one talks about Chinese women.
Korean women are tall, sexy,well dressed with passionate personalties.
Japanese women are cute, well dressed with calm demeanor.
Chinese on the other hand are unsophisticated, dresses in the dark and bossy.