Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There is no hope

As a Japanese, Japan is boring to me, but I sometimes think that Japan must look exciting and exsotic filled with Gerysha, Samurai, Otaku, pervert video, militarism and taboos. And it seems there is no hope to change this perception.

The Associated Press journalist, MARI YAMAGUCHI wrote
Ota's treatment of authority figures might seem tame by some nations' standards, but in Japan it represents a bold foray into the formerly forbidden territory of political satire.Japan times.魚拓

In a society where keeping your opinions to yourself is a sign of social finesse and maturity, Japan's satirists are getting mileage from the pure shock value of broaching formerly untouchable subjects.

Come on, YAMAGUCHI-san, are you too young to watch manzai, rakugo, and kabuki or you've never watched TV, stuying for the entrance exam? Just because you don't like comedy and rarely watch it, it does not follow there is no comedy in which political satire is expressed. Check the facts before you write the article.
There has been a long tradtion of political satire in Japan.
Kyougen includes strong political satire. Do I have to mention Boyaki Manzai and Rakugo entertainers, such as Danshi, and Utamaru? And don't miss Ogata issei,and numerous others. * And recently, Books about jokes during the war time have just been published.
日本の戦時下ジョーク集A collection of jokes during the war time. Have you checked them?

He begins almost every performance by exhorting his audience to "salute the palace."

Probably the only taboo to speak of is about the emperor.
It is legally permissible to express satire about him, and a few people sometimes do. I have no particular sentient about Japanese emperor, and I think the freedom of expression must be protected, rather than being oppressed just because it hurt the sentiments of some religious believers, but it is terribly bad taste to do so;it is like making fun of Mohamed or burning Koran in front of Muslims.


2月10日 尾形イッセー、小松政夫ふたり芝居 『百戦錬磨の人生ドラマ』 (シアター1010) ... とにかくよかった。「某大臣の失言問題。『女性は子供を生む機械だ』なんて言ったようですが、ご自分は政治をする機械だとしたら、不良品なんでしょう。 .


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