Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zaihichi privilage?

Out of 131 local governments, 28 local governments exempt a fixed property tax for The General Association of Korean Residents , 47 local governments reduces it.

The legal ground for the reduction and exemption is a tax regulation to the effect that if a facility is useful to the local community, the facility has a right to get the reduction or exemption.
The last year Fukuoka district court ruled as to the local facility that it was questionable the facility had been used for the local people and that the condition for the reduction was not satisfied.
Sankei (cash)

Some Japanese bloggers claims the reduction and exemption for the General Association of Korean Residents is an example of unfair Zainichi privilege.

I think it depends on how the facility in each local region is being used by the public, and the local people.



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