Saturday, July 07, 2007

Future of Japan and China(Korea) relation.

Anpontan posted the insightful article on Japan -China/Korea realation. It is a must read artcle.

In this regard, I think the following Japanese article also proves his point.

Korean charismatic housewife is having a talk show at Tokyo big site.
Chon dayon, who succeeded in losing 21 kg for 5 years, is having a talk show at Tokyo big site in commemoration of her popular book.....She advised to constantly exercise just for 5 minutes rather than calculating calorie meticulously....Asked about Billy Blanks, she said, "he is a missionary of the health, just like me, he is a friend rather than a rival"
Nikkan sports

Believe it or not, she is not asked about Korean illegal occupatoin of Dokdo, Yasukuni--- a shrine of a specific religion, Korean distorting history textbook, and yet she is welcomed.





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