Thursday, June 28, 2007

Comfort women; Chinese organization behind the scene

Members of the Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia, the Chinese Americans for Democracy in Taiwan and others met in a Chinese restaurant today to encourage support for House Resolution 121, introduced by Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose)......

Chang and Ding also suggested that if Lantos, who represents a district that is 33 percent Asian-American, can't communicate with them, than perhaps it's time for new representation.

The group backed their threat with demographic numbers from the 12th California District and election results that they feel lend support for putting up their own candidate to run against Lantos in the 2008 election.

Ding said he is "totally puzzled'' by the treatment they have received from Lantos' office. "He has been good to us, until recently,'' Ding said.

Ding said the groups have several candidates in mind, including one well-qualified Asian-American woman, who he declined to name.

Bay City News/魚拓

The Global Alliance for Preserving the History of World War II in Asia for Chinese name is 世界抗日戦争史実維護総合会 It is exclusively dedicated to the perseverance of war-history against Japan.
It is an organization which supported Iris Chan's "rape of Nanjing": Some a historian calls it a fictitious; Other historians " stressed that the book was seriously flawed. Fogel was disturbed by Chang's repeated denunciations of an alleged Japanese mentality." If their mission is to preserve historical truth, I think they had better use right historians.

Besides, though it is good to remind Japan of the past atrocity, isn't it also good to remind, say,China and Korea, of their past atrocity? Surely they need to be reminded of, say, cultural revolution, massacre in Vietnam War etc.,because they tend to forget it.
The limited mission of the organization makes me wonder what their real political agenda is.

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ホンダ議員、慰安婦決議採択直後に明言 中国系団体が主導cash

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