Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Japanese bloggers are preparing to counterattack against the resolution 121.

Some Japanese bloggers are starting to prepare to counterattack the resolution 121. Basically it seems they want to say that
(1)the resolution is not based on the facts,
(2)the U.S. and the Korean government should also face the facts where they had the same system under the U.S. occupation in Japan and Korea but they have never issued apologies.

As an example of (1) see Nishimura's
酔夢ing voice
(English letter attached)

As an example of (2), see 博士の独り言(I have no time to translate but basically it presents the facts *with testimonies and official documents in line with Yuki Tanaka, but more detailed than Tanaka.)

Other Japanese bloggers who have experiences living abroad are a bit critical about the movement. Not that they are against the movement itself, but they are critical about the way the movement is being carried out.For instance, 国際討論日記・The diary of International debates criticizes the Ad in WaPo in that it resulted in strengthening anti-Japanese groups.
大韓ニダの介の韓国研究・Korea studies by Daikan nidanosuke argues that
people who attack Korean claim seems to be desperately unprepared .

I reserve the judgement but I think the wordings in (1) by Kase definitely needs correction to be accepted by international society.

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