Sunday, June 24, 2007

One in five Korean kid believe the Korean war was fought between Korea and Japan.

According to a recent survey by a local monthly magazine, one in every five children described the war as one that occurred between Korea and JapanKorea times

some people oppose Park's assertion. They said that the education must reflect a social trend and it is natural that the children would be less aware of the situation.

Sure, sure, it is reflecting social trend pretty well.
An elementary teacher said that students do not relate to the war since more than 50 years have passed and society has changed drastically.

Huhhhhhhh?????? Japanese colonization took place more than 60 years ago.

No wonder Korean people do not know about the Korean comfort women during Korean War who suffered in the same way Korean comfort women under Japanese women. All they know about them is they are "western whores."
Is "Hypocrite" too strong a word for them?

And look at how they teach the Korean war to the student:They are victims again sandwiched by the great powers.

Blame everything on Japan and the US, forget everything wrongs Korea did---Life and politics are as simple as that!!! That is how you learn to stop worrying and love Korea.-----That's Korean wisdom----a kind of ?

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