Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mainich reviews the book "Asahi newspaper vs Sankei newspaper"

The following is a quick translation of the book review of Asahi vs Sankei what will happen to the peninsula? on Mainichi
This is a book of a debate between Kuroda, the Chief of Sankei Seoul Branch and Ichikawa , the Chief of Asahi Seoul Branch.

They discussed the matter such as Japan Korea relation, North Korea and the problems in the report about Korea in journalism.

As is clear from a reading, Kuroda won an overwhelming victory over the debate......

But it is interesting to see what Ichikawa said. Ichikawa, born in 1960, in his 40s, is impressive as an sign of a new Korea school in Asahi shimbun and it is indicative as the thought common to the baby-boom generation.

Just in Korea there are 100 comfort women. In my interviews with them, there is no one who were abducted, dragged with a gag in her mouth.

History is not what matters most in the diplomacy with Korea, if you ask me, I have to agree.

As for North Korea, I was blinded by the illusion of socialism, the sense of redemption toward North Korea, and the reaction to South Korea.

These statement could be Kuroda's.

In particular, when Ichikawa said as regards the anti-Japan demonstration in front of
Japanese embassy in Seoul,
It was like a show....the police surrounded them but they turned the blind eye to the initiating a fire..... it was hard to tell a difference from a set-up. It was typically Korean.

his acute sense of observation stands out probably because he worked as a journalist for social matters......
The world cup 2002 held in Japan and Korea was the origin of Korean wave, but at the same time, it contributed to the anti-Korea wave among Internet users who found the report of journalism about Korea quite unreliable. It is regrettable that two debaters didn't discuss it nor were they aware of such a fact.


I guess Asahi was pro-North Korea.

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