Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comfort women; Non-Native-Japanese blogger's responses to House Resolution 121

Liberal Japan
Marmot's Hole
ROK drops

Scribblings of the Metropolitan
Observing Japan
Transpacifi Radio
Debito blog

Most sophisticated article is that of Liberal Japan. As always he is self-critical in that he also pay attention to the case of his own country, the U.S.
In this sense Marmot and Anpontan, metro-politician are fair too.Rokdrops is also fair and suggestive.
Occidentalism approaches the issue in a way that is usually hidden for the English speaking people.
Observing Japan and Transpacific Radio preach that Japan has something to learn---truism but surely Japan has something to learn form the issue.
Debito is just repeating Korean-American claim.

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