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The Korean War in Korean history textbook

From History Lessons page 275-276

North Korea(Junior high)(Pyongyang;Textbook Publishing Co.2000)

The troop of the People's Army defeated the American bastards over and over again on every battle field. Cornered in a dead end , the American bastards didn't know what to do . The quick-tempered Americans finally signed the armistice on July 27th of the Juche calender(1953) and kneeled down before the Chosun people. His excellency our great leader Kim Il-sung gave the following instructions:

The American invaders finished by kneeling down before our Chosun People. We bent the pride of the Americans who used to boast of being the world's most powerful nation and for the first time in history. we brought the beginning of their decay. This victory will forever shine in the Chosun People's combat history, and will be an inspiration to the combat of all the people around the world.

The great victory of having beaten the Americans, this proud triumph and honor of our people, was the glorious accomplishment of our great leader.

South Korea(Senior High Dae. Han Textbook Co. 2001, 199-200)

The National Army and the UN forces began to fight back beginning in August of 1950, turning the tide of the war in our favor with the success of Inch'eon landing operations. On the 28th of September, Seoul was recovered and soon after the battle-line was pushed beyond the 38 parallel northstar. The National Army and the UN forces invaded Pyongyang. and the winter marched onward toward the Ab-rock river. The dearest wish of unification was about to realized when the Chinese intervened forcing the National Army and the UN forces to draw back to an are south of the Han river. But a counterattack was soon prepared and the war came to a deadlock around the 38 parallel.[....]
The struggle see-sawed to and fro and in the midst of it the communists' army asked for an armistice through the mediation of Soviet UN representatives. Our government and our people , fearing that such a treaty would lead to perpetual division of the Korean peninsula and its people, disagreed to this offer of the communists. Consequently, nation wide demonstrations condemning the armistice were held. But against the desire of our people to unify our country. an armistice was signed between the UN forces and the communist army in 1953.

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