Thursday, June 28, 2007

Japanese media on resolution 121

PM face the serious consequence of the resolution

....There is no denying that the there are questionable points in the resolution. The resolution does not mentions the fact that Japanese Prime Minsters have sent the letters of apologies nor does it pay sufficient attention to the Kono's statement in which Japan admitted the military involvement in the system.

But as the resolution says, it is a fact that there was a movement to criticize Kono's statement and to revise the description of textbook. We need sincerely accept the message of the resolution that accuses the brutality of comfort women system.....

Asahi also blame the Ad in the WaPo

Cut out the root of the misunderstandings by the US resolution.

So called resolution concerning the war time comfort women are based on the misunderstanding of the facts......there were women who were forced to work as a comfort woman in the hands of the brokers, but that is different from military recruiting the women forcibly......What is the resolution based on? It is based on the Kono's statement in which there were cases where military and officials are involved in the forced recruitment. .....Abe said he stood by Kono's statement, but if the misunderstanding are rooted in the Kono's statement, we should feel no hesitation to revise it

The resolution 121, there is a problem with Abe's diplomacy too.

....Abe stands by Kono's statement.....It is regrettable that the committee passed the resolution regardless of that fact.

Mainich also blames the Ad on the WaPo and Abe's statement to the effect that there is no evidence to show "coercion" in the narrow sense.

Note that none of them are satisfied with the resolution.
But Ashahi and Mainich emphasize the faults of Abe and the Ad on WaPo.
Youmiuri thinks Kono's statement is the root of the all the evil.

I don't necessarily think Kono's statement was wrong, nor do I think it needs
revision. If I had to revise it, I would add that Japanese military didn't recruit the women forcibly as a matter of policy and and Japanese police regulated illegal brokers, despite that, Japan es were responsible for the fact many women were deceived and some are forcibly recruited by the brokers.
It is easy to blame Abe and the Ad because they did nothing but fueling the controversy, and I think they should be blamed , but Asahi and Mainich also should note there are other political forces going on in the international community. Without realizing it, another hundreds of apologies will not end this issue.

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