Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yasukuni and the relation with China

Shrine authorities agreed in October to alter text on display in the museum stating that the United States deliberately forced Japan into the war. The new display panels on the U.S. role in the war will be installed next month, the Mainichi said.

At the time the shrine said it saw no need to change references to China, but a shrine panel has now decided revisions are needed, the paper said.

The exhibition currently says, for example, that the Marco Polo Bridge incident -- the 1937 battle near Beijing that marked the beginning of the second Sino-Japanese war -- was sparked by Chinese nationalist troops’ illegal attacks on the Japanese, the Mainichi said.

“There is no mistake in the facts, but the expressions are such that some parts could be misunderstood, so we will substitute softer expressions,” the daily Mainichi Shimbun quoted a source involved in the revisions as saying of the references to China.

The shrine intends to refer to Chinese as well as Japanese texts in preparing the new exhibits, it said.

A spokeswoman for the Yasukuni Shrine said revisions were being made at the museum but declined to comment on their content.

MSBDec. 19, 2006

I think the relation with China is improving.

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